Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lend A Helping Hand. Your Numerology Vibrations for November 27, 2014


The 9s meet once again on a major holiday in the United States - the 4th Thursday of each November. You do not have to have a major holiday occurring to experience the vibrations it brings out this year.

One of the factors that surrounds the 9 is family and healing past issues. On a day whereby everyone gathers, this could be (or not be) an advantage. When pushed, the double 9s can retaliate with no blame and a sharp tongue, reminding the other of all their wrong doing. If you're in the midst of a heavy family discussion, choose your words wisely.

In the combination above, I'm also looking at 911. In the United States, it's the number to call for help - an emergency. But it doesn't matter where you are because 911 also adds up to 11, which is the attitude number of the day. Looking for the highest and best good for all, we may be asked for our wisdom, or lending a helping hand. It's the thought of "I am my brother's keeper." Everyone can do it for the day. Look at what you just might heal.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

DO IT - Today! Your Numerology Vibrations for November 26, 2014


The last of the double 8s until January, 2015 (where we will start off 2015 with double digits once again). However, that's not a recipe for procrastination - there is nothing more irritating to the 8 than one who can not make a decision or carry it through. This is the hard-hitting business number of Numerology. It's the decision maker.

It's a day of making your choices and not with the notion of "Maybe if...". Make a decision. Keep it. Do it. Use direct words: Yes, no, now, go, stay, change, etc. There is no room for maybe, when, perhaps, if, later, or possibly. 

If it helps, place your intentions and decisions on your VISION BOARD. Today, I will be making a decision for 2015 and placing it on my board. Look at it and look at it often. Now. Do it. Today.