Friday, February 12, 2016

Calling In Your Soulmate – You Didn’t Miss It!

My article, “February 9th, 2016 – Time To Call In Your Soulmate” posted on February 8th, 2016, outlined the Soulmate connection vibration that we are experiencing during the month of February, 2016. Again, it is available to all 9 Personal Year participants for the entire month.

BUT! There are three days this month whereby it’s available to the entire planet. If you missed the opportunity to call a Soulmate into your life on February 9th, don’t despair. There are two other days this month whereby you may set your intentions under the strongest of that numerical vibration.

First, read my short article highlighted above on “Time To Call In Your Soulmate” outlining a few ways to call in Your Soulmate. 

Then, mark your calendar and prepare your ritual. You have two more opportunities on February 18th, 2016, and February 27th, 2016 to experience the vibrations of 9/11/2. 

The world lives for rituals and there is nothing wrong with having some fun and excitement when calling in a lover, and/or new relationship. What will you choose?

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Power of Your Name - Shall I Change It?

It's that moment when expectant parents sit down and choose just the right name for their soon-to-be child. For many, it has to have the right flow and ring to it. For others, it has to have a corporate sound to it. And for some, it has to be loving and sweet. 

Whatever their decision, when Baby is born and they begin calling him/her by their everyday name, the Power Name of that child begins to vibrate out into the Universe. And that vibration, begins to attract or repel those who come into contact with them. 

It pulls the Soul Number, Personality Number, and Power Name to this child, allowing them the gifts and challenges that each number brings. 

As the child grows into adulthood, their name may change, including a nickname or two along the way. Should we also chart the nickname? You bet! Every time an individual changes their name, they are pulling gifts and traits from another incarnation to utilize. And each name affects those around them!

The most popular change is when a woman marries and chooses to change her last name. Within months, a very resounding, "You've Changed!" can be heard in many cases. Yes, she did. She took your name and thus, the vibrations of the woman you dated have now brought in a new energy. Find out the vibrations and character traits of a potential married name before using it.  
  • Does your Power Name exude business/finance?
  • Does your nickname spell out that you're a follower instead of a leader?
  • Will your name change create a compatibility chart of challenges with your current partner?
  • How will your name affect a potential client?
  • Changing your name after a divorce - what energy will it now bring to you?
These are all things to consider when working with name changes and nicknames. Choose wisely the vibrations that you wish to draw for the various situations in your life. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Numerology and the Personality Number

There are two categories in Numerology which have little to do with our true personalities. The interesting note is that one of them is called the Personality Number.

This particular number (derived by adding the consonants of your everyday name – John
Smith, Bill Jones, Sally Anderson, etc.) is not the result of what comes from within. The result is what others perceive to be your personality.

If you have now added up the consonants in your name and reduced it to one number, let’s find out how others are affected upon meeting you.

1 – leader, innovative, self-starter, independent, business owner, solitude, loner.

2 – follower, dependent, loving, harmonious, peaceful, caring, intuitive.

3 – gregarious, doesn’t like schedules, humorous, life of the party, salesperson, artist, actor.

4 – teacher, student, bookworm, stable, secure, debater, business owner.

5 – free, traveler, gypsy, life of the party, public relations, storyteller, compassionate.

6 – nurturing, parent, designer, caregiver, colorful, domestic.

7 – mysterious, spiritual, hermit, isolation, psychologist, detective.

8 – financial adviser, decision maker, materialistic, accident prone, workaholic.

9 – humanitarian, caregiver, service oriented, health care oriented, philanthropist, wise.

Personally, I would not utilize the Personality Number as a basis for a good relationship because there is too much of a chance that this is not you. Let’s take an example:

My Personality Number is 3. The rest of my numerical blueprint is filled with mainly 1s, 7s, and 4s. Except for my writing, the 3 really is not me. When people meet me, they form one opinion based on the 3, and are soon questioning why I am more the loner, the student, quiet, mysterious, and/or more observant than talkative.  (This is the 1/7 combo).

Perhaps you have a nickname that is used more often than your birth name (i.e. Bud Smith instead of William Smith), you will also want to find out what the Personality of that name is as well. The vibrations we pull to ourselves come from the names we use in particular situations.

Have a little fun with this and see what you discover! If you really are what your Personality Number describes, chances are you also have that number (or compatible numbers) in the stronger categories.