Saturday, January 31, 2015

Gathering Up Loose Ends.Your Numerology Vibrations for January 31, 2015


Whether we enjoyed the double number of January (or not), we will now wait until October of this year to repeat its vibration. 

In the meantime, we wrap up January with the double 4s. Serious, argumentative, the great debater, organized, not liking to take risks, self-employment, the home office, the home in general, studies and teaching. These are all gifts of the 4 and doubled, we're looking at these qualities more than usual. 

It's also a good time for bill and tax preparation or least gathering our information together and arranging a plan.

Perhaps you're having to work on a report for school or business. The 4 can be a wonderful research number (along with the 7) in getting it accomplished. 

As we end January of 2015, gather up loose ends around the home that need to be addressed so that you can move forward to other projects.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Networking to Accomplish Goals. Your Numerology Vibrations for January 30, 2015


Most of us are familiar that the 3 in Numerology represents communication, whether it's verbal, written, or in art form. But it also represents networking - our businesses, and/or our goals and projects.

3 is also the number of friends and who better to help in our endeavors then our friends or acquaintances? 

What do you need today? Whatever your goal, share it. Most often, friends may know of avenues to investigate or ideas that you hadn't thought of.  Don't have someone you can share it with? Speak it aloud to the Universe. Who better than the powers that be to help fulfill your request?

Write about it. Share it. You'll never know who will enjoy the positive thoughts you have unless you place it out there to be read.

And during or at the end of the day, sing, dance, laugh. It's playfulness at its finest and we should all share in the merriment.